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Arkansas Soldier/Sailor Submission Form

To add a soldier to the memorial, please enter the information below including all required info. The memorial is open to all soldiers and sailors of the Civil War who were members of an Arkansas unit or are buried in the State of Arkansas.

NOTICE: I have several web sites to try and maintain, a lot of Year 2000 stuff to fix at work, two young children, Civil War reenactments and Memorial Services, and increased responsibilities due to my wife's diagnosis of RA. Due to these things it may take awhile to get your entry onto the web page. I apologize, but PLEASE do not contact Jeri or Ed with complaints about my speed. This is after all, a volunteer effort and they can do NOTHING to help you. In addition I get tons and tons of email every day and I just don't have the resources to get to every one of them. Thanks.

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Q 1 : What is the soldier name? (REQUIRED)

Q 2 : What was the soldiers rank?

Q 3 : What company and regiment (or ship)?

Q 4 : What army/navy did the unit belong to? (REQUIRED)

Q 5 : Where is the soldier/sailor buried?

Q 6 : Check box if you would like to be listed as contact for this soldier/sailor.
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Q 7 : Please enter any additional history of this soldier/sailor or a URL if you have a webpage dedicated to them.