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Arkansas Civil War Soldiers and Sailors

As foes they fought, as friends they sleep


KEY Died during war
Wounded during war
Prisoner of War

KAISLEY, J.J. - Pvt, Co. I, 36th Ark Inf, CSA; died 14 Sep 1862 at Camp Hope, AR; buried at Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery, Austin, AR or the nearby hills

KEELING, A. H. - Sgt, Btry C, 20th VA Hvy Arty, CSA; buried at Pine Hill Cemetery, So. of Jonesboro, Criaghead Co., AR

KEITH, John W. (or T.) - LT, Co. D, 19th (Dockery's) Ark Inf, CSA; enlisted 01 Mar 1862 at Rock Port, AR; sent to hospital on 29 May 1862; buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby Co., TN

KELLETT, E. James - Co. C, Shaver's Ark Inf, CSA; buried at Jeff Cemetery, Oregon Co., MO; wife Harriet L. Kellett applied for widow's pension, application 10651

KELLEY, James Herbert - Pvt, Co. M, 3rd Ark Cav, USA; served as company blacksmith, enlisted 28 Jan 1864 in Little Rock at age 33; mustered out on 22 May 1865; buried at Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Marshall, AR; Contact: Michele McCraw

KELLY, J.W. - Pvt, Co. I, 2nd Ark, CSA; captured 30 Oct 1864 at Boonville, MO; died 06 Feb 1865 at Alton, IL of pneumonia

KELLY, R.M. - Pvt, Co. G, 2nd Ark, CSA; died 10 Jun 1862; buried at Jefferson Barracks, MO; grave #10061

KENDALL, Frank C. - Co. I, 52nd Ill Inf, USA; buried at Brushy Cemetery, Scott Co., AR

KENDRICK, J.W. - Co. A, 19th Ark Inf, CSA; died 15 Jul 1862; buried at Camp Butler, Springfield, IL

KENDRICK, W.C. - Pvt, Gordon's Ark, CSA; died 14 Dec 1863; buried at Jefferson Barracks, MO; grave #4670

KENDALL, George - Co. D, 31st Ark Inf, CSA; buried at Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN

KENNEDY, Dolned - 1st Ark Inf, CSA; buried at Harmony Cemetery, Nevada Co., AR

KENNEDY, Emanuel - Co. D, 6th Ark Inf, CSA; buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Nevada Co., AR

KENNEDY, James L. - Pvt, Co. G, 38th NC Inf, CSA; wounded near Petersburg, VA on 22 Aug 1864, one other soldier killed in this engagement; returned to duty on 01 Nov 1864; became Prisoner of War on 02 Apr 1865 at Jarratt's Station, VA and was confined to Hart's Island in New York Harbor on 07 Apr 1865; took oath of allegiance on 17 Jun 1865; buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Wolf Bayou, Cleburne Co., AR; Contact: Twylla Teer

KENNEDY, Jesse W. - 1Sgt, Co. D, 1st Ark Inf, USA; buried at Willow Springs Cemetery, Howell Co., MO

KENNEDY, Leroy - Co. B, 15th Ark (Johnson's), CSA; died 12 Mar 1862; buried at Jefferson Barracks, MO; grave # 4988

KENNEDY, Marion R. - Co. H, 1st Miss Inf, CSA; applied for pension 1917; widow Sarah E. applied for pension 1922 in Sevier/Howard Co., AR; died 22 Jan 1922

KENSLOW, James - Co. E, 32nd Missouri Inf, USA; born 22 Apr 1844; died 26 Mar 1928; buried at State Line Cemetery, Moco, Fulton Co., AR

KENT, John G. - Pvt, Co. E, 3rd Ark, CSA; captured 02 Dec 1862 at Boone Co., MO; died 01 Feb 1863 at Alton, IL of variola

KERBY, James A. - Co. B, 15th Ark (Johnson's), CSA; died 02 Mar 1862; buried at Jefferson Barracks, MO; grave #10094

KERR, B.C. - Pvt, Co. I, 8th Ark Cav (Morgan's), CSA; died 05 Apr 1865; buried at Jefferson Barracks, MO; grave #4819

KERR, R.L. - Sgt, Co. E, 25th Ark Inf, CSA; born 06 Oct 1843; died 25 Dec 1935; buried at Valley Springs Cemetery, Boone Co., AR

KERSEY, George R. - Co. L, 1st Ark Inf, USA; buried at Fairview Cemetery, Joplin, Jasper Co., MO

KERSHAW, James H. - 2LT, Co. K, 24th Missouri Inf, CSA; buried in old section of De Ann Cemetery, Nevada Co., AR

KERTON, Calvin - Civilian, Citizen of Greene Co., AR, CSA; died 24 Dec 1864; buried at Jefferson Barracks, MO; grave #4678

KESTERSON, David C. - Co. K, 2nd Ark Cav, USA; born 18 Mar 1832; died 02 Nov 1911; buried at Mt. Comfort Cemetery, Greene Co., MO

KETTNER, Daniel - Pvt, Co. G, 38th Ark Inf, CSA; Daniel KETNER is buried in Old Lebanon Cemetery at Eaton, Arkansas and has a Civil War Monument

KEY, Columbus M. - Pvt, Co. C, 10th Texas Inf, CSA; died 29 Aug 1863; buried at Little Rock National Cemetery, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR

KEYS, John C. - Pvt, Co. E, Wood's Missouri Cav Batt'n, CSA; died as a Prisoner of War at Alton Prison, Alton, IL; buried at Alton, IL

KEYS, John M. - Cpl, Ark Inf, CSA; born 03 Mar 1843; died 27 Nov 1918; buried at Brushy Creek Cemetery, Gurdon, AR

KIDD, James T. - Pvt, Co. A, 20th Ark Inf, CSA; buried at Anderson Cemetery, near Hope, AR; Contact: John D. Robinson

KIDWELL, John F. - Pvt, Co. F, 1st Ark Cav, USA; mustered in 21 Jul 1862 at Benton Co., AR at age 24; buried at Peola Cemetery, Garfield Co., WA

KILBURN, T. - 3rd Ark, CSA; died 08 Feb 1863; buried at Jefferson Barracks, MO; grave #5228

KILGORE, Edmond B. - Pvt, Co. A, Anderson's Ark Cav, CSA; captured 30 Dec 1862 at Helena, AR; died 16 Mar 1863 at Alton, IL of erysepilas

KIMBERLING, Martin L. - Co. D, 2nd Ark Cav, nationality unknown; buried at Ozark City Cemetery, Christian Co., MO

KIMBRELL, Eli H. - Pvt, Co. I, 3rd Ark Cav, USA; enlisted 21 Nov 1863 in Pope Co., AR; born in Boone Co., KY in 1809; died 10 Aug 1888 at Kimbrell Creek, Red River, Searcy Co., AR; married 11 Jun 1829 at Sugar Hill, Perry Co., TN to Malinda Thompson who was born in 1811 in KY; son William Franklin also served during the war; was 5'5" tall, had dark complexion, eyes and hair; his occupation was farmer; discharged on 19 May 1865 at Lewisburg, AR due to medical problems caused by camp life; buried at Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Searcy Co., AR; Contact: Kathy Gregory

KIMES, David G. - Missouri, USA; died 13 Nov 1916 in Crawford Co., AR; buried at West View Cemetery, Crawford Co., AR

KINCHLOE, W.B. - Co. D, 8th Ark Cav, CSA; died 30 Jun 1865; moved from Chalmette National Cemetery to Greenwood Cemetery, New Orleans, LA

KING, Andrew - Pvt, Co. K, 20th (King's) Ark Inf, CSA; buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby Co., TN on 07 May 1862

KING, C.H. - Co. I, 2nd Ark Inf, CSA; born 1835; died 1915; buried at Confederate Cemetery, Higginsville, Lafayette Co., MO

KING, Isaac - Sgt, Co. F, Missouri Cav; buried at Love Cemetery, Alma, Crawford Co. AR

KING, John - Co. I, 16th Ark Inf, CSA; died 16 Jul 1862; buried at Quitman, MS Confederate Memorial Cemetery

KING, John A - 1LT, Co. G, 2nd Ark Inf, USA; Spanish-American War; born 18 Jul 1868; died 28 Nov 1936; buried at Conway, Faulkner Co., AR

KING, Moses Wade - Sgt, Co. K, 21st Ark Inf (Craven's), CSA; buried at Finley Creek Cemetery, Izard Co., AR; enlisted 27 Aug 1861; captured at Big Black River, MS on 17 May 1863; paroled at City Point, VA in Dec 1863; Contact: Raymond D. King

KING, Noah - Pvt, Co. 2, 2nd Ark Cav (Kidd's), CSA; captured 26 Aug 1864 at Jefferson Co., AR; died 21 Dec 1864 at Alton, IL of pneumonia

KING, Stephen Henry - Co. H, 1st Ark Mtd Rifles, CSA; died 24 Nov 1932; buried in crypt at Oaklawn Cemetery, Tulsa Co., OK

KING, W.H.H. - Pvt, Co. K, 12th Ark Inf, CSA; born 21 Jan 1831; lived in Ozan, Hempstead Co., AR; enlisted in Gantt's Regt. at Arkadelphia, AR on 29 Jul 1861; escaped from Island #10 with Lt. Col. Cook, John Watson, Joe Waddell, and several others and made way to Memphis, TN and then to Corinth, MS; re-enlisted with General Hindman at Memphis for 3 years; was with Capt. Geo. Davis Mounted Regt., Col. Monroe's Regt., Col. T.J. Reed's Regt.; fought at Port Hudson and Jenkins Ferry; his regiment was disbanded and paroled at Marshall, TX; returned to Ozan and was ordained in 1868; became oldest active Cumberland Presbyterian Minister; preached last sermon in MO; died 08 Dec 1927; buried at Bogota, Red River Co., TX; Contact: John P. King

KING, William - Co. D, 5th Kansas Cav, USA; buried at Carroll Cemetery, Boone Co., AR

KINNEBRUGH, James W. - Pvt, Co. A, 2nd Ark Inf, CSA; died 27 Dec 1863; buried at Jefferson Barracks, MO; grave later removed

KINZER, Adam - Co. D, 9th Iowa Cav, USA; buried at Gass Cemetery, Boone Co., AR

KIRBY, Albert H. - Pvt, Co. G, 2nd Ark Cav, CSA; Gordon's Regt. of Cabell's Bgd.; lived in Pineville, MO at start of war; went to Bentonville, AR to enlist on 01 Oct 1863; captured on 24 Oct 1864 at Mound City, KS; sent to prison camp in Rock Island, IL; discharged 27 May 1865; married in McDonald Co., MO in 1871 and moved to Rockwall Co., TX in 1882; filed for Confederate pension on 24 Mar 1921; approved 19 Apr 1921; died on 17 Sep. 1921; buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery north of Rockwall, TX; Contact: Wendell Reeves

KIRK, Caleb - Co. K, 2nd Ark Inf, USA; buried at Enon Cemetery, Boone Co., AR

KIRK, Samuel - Co. K, 2nd Ark Cav, USA; buried at Enon Cemetery, Boone Co., AR

KIRKENDALL, P.H. - Pvt, Co. A, 10th Ark Cav, CSA; captured 02 Sep 1864 at Conway Co., AR; died 26 Nov 1864 en route to Alton, IL

KIRKLAND, William - Co. H, 22nd Ark Inf, CSA; died 30 Mar 1864 at Fort Delaware while a Prisoner of War; buried at Finn's Point National Cemetery

KIRKPATRICK, David D. - Pvt, Co. G, 25th Ark Inf, CSA; enlisted 13 Mar 1862 at Pocahontas, AR by Capt. Harwick at age 20; his unit was later combined into the 30th Ark Inf, CSA; taken prisoner in KY and paroled circa Nov or Dec 1862; burial location is unknown at this time

KITCHEN, John W. - Pvt, Kelly's Ark, CSA; captured 27 May 1862 at Izard Co., AR; died 19 Aug 1862 at Alton, IL

KITCHENS, Cullen Lafayette - Pvt, Co. B, 13th Ark Inf, CSA; enlisted 23 Jul 1861 at Harrisburg, AR by A.D. Grayson for the period of 1 year; slightly wounded at the Battle of Shiloh, 06-07 Apr 1862; captured at Pocahontas, AR on 02 Dec 1863 and sent to Alton Military, Prison, Alton, IL as a Prisoner of War; received at Alton Prison on 03 Jan 1864 and was listed as "not accounted for" on 01 Sep 1864; died at Alton Military Prison between 03 Jan and 01 Sep 1864; buried at Alton Military Prison, Alton, IL

KITCHENS, Stephen B. - Pvt, Cos. B and E, 13th Ark Inf, CSA; enlisted at Harrisburg, AR in July 1861 by Col. A.D. Grayson; regiment formed 29 Jul 1861 at campground in Greene Co., AR; slightly wounded at Battle of Shiloh in April 1862; his unit was commanded by 2nd Lt. Allen Dodd of Craighead Co., AR; burial place unknown; Contact: Frances Minton Latoza

KIZER, William McCord - Co. I, 34th Ark Inf, CSA; born 16 Apr 1837 in Morgan Co., MO; died 18 Jan 1895 in Franklin Co., AR; buried in Bourland Cemetery, Franklin Co., AR; married Thurza Malinda Shaver on 26 Jan 1859 in Franklin Co., AR; enlisted Jul 1862; unit was disbanded at Marshall, TX at the close of hostilities and he returned to Arkansas; Contact: Gary Hood

KNIGHT, Aquilla Pinkney - Co. D, 26th Ark Inf, CSA; born 1834; died 03 Nov 1917; buried at Macedonia Cemetery, Jefferson Co., AR.

KNIGHT, John - Civil War Veteran, unknown nationality; buried at Ellsworth Cemetery, Logan Co., AR

KNIGHT, Lewis - Pvt, Co. E, 37th Ark Inf, CSA; enlisted 08 May 1862 at Princeton, AR; killed in battle on 07 Dec 1862 at Prairie Grove, AR; claim filed by widow Sarah Knight on 22 Jun 1863

KNOWLES, Hardy - Co. H, 17th Ark Inf, CSA; buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby Co., TN on 14 May 1862

KNOX, J.F. - Pvt, Co. E, 5th Ark Inf, CSA; died at Resaca, GA; buried at Resaca, GA

KNOX, William M. - 12th Ark Inf, CSA; buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby Co., TN on 17 Jan 1862

KOONCE, Henry J. - Co. K, 36th Ark Inf, CSA; born 23 Dec 1833; died 06 Jan 1894; buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Lonoke Co., AR

KRAUSE, Henry - Co. F, 21st Ark Inf, CSA; buried at Avilla Cemetery, Jasper Co., MO

KUYKENDALL, John L. - Cpt, Co. F, 30th Ark Inf, CSA; buried at Gainesville Cemetery, Greene Co., AR

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